The Humble Shawarma.

Looking back at my life, I have only written 3 letters. One was an overly sappy love letter to an ex that I’m pretty sure was thrown away as soon as she got it. The other was one from “my parents” to the school excusing me from band because I was horrible at it. And... Continue Reading →

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Beauty vs. Brains by Noor-ul-Huda

We live in a society where people are judged on the basis of their physical appearances. Where looking beautiful is more important than knowing how to survive in this world. This is ironic in a world where the mantra of ‘the survival of the fittest’ rules supreme. However, in the case of women, it seems... Continue Reading →

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Gatsby Gives a Massage

A few days ago I was invited by the owner of Gatsby Salon for a complimentary massage which was deeply needed. With all the stress and hectic lifestyle we all lead no matter the kind of job you have, can you blame me for saying such a thing? Once I first entered this salon located... Continue Reading →

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Power to Change your Life

EVERYONE has the power to change their circumstances. If you are losing hope with any aspect of your life be it a new business you’d like to start, your current lack of motivation to wake up every morning to go to work, or anything else, know that the desire you have to change is a... Continue Reading →

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#Tbt to Model Days

As the ambassador of the Bahraini clothing store, Light Style Paris, it's a privilege to not only advertise but to also model some of their clothing every once in a while. Who wouldn't want to be decked out in pure Italian fabric that is designed with the utmost intricate detail from the minds of two Bahraini designers themselves? For more details, please visit the @lightstyleparis Instagram page.

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Not All Health Issues are Bad

Growing up, it’s safe to say that many of us @KhaleejiGirls have been taught the importance of taking care of our health right? We’ve been told that it’s always, always, always going to be vital for a @KhaleejiGirl to take care of her health in all aspects right? And that the mental health is just... Continue Reading →

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Support System

Living in the fast paced dog eat dog kind of world we live in, sometimes a @KhaleejiGirl needs a little push no matter how brilliant of a @KhaleejiGirl they may be. Someone who believes in them as much as they believe in themselves. Someone who loves and cares enough for them to see them succeed... Continue Reading →

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Love in the time of Hurricane Harvey

Turn on any news channel over the last week and one story dominates them all. Harvey, Houston, “Epic”, Curfew, Trump etc. are just some of the words used over and over again and for a storm of the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey, the continuous news reports are not only warranted by needed. A couple of... Continue Reading →

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A Scientist by Any Other Name

The comment below, a rarity in its own right, was found on the music video to Coldplay’s "The Scientist". The comment says what the video is trying to say. To keep this short and sweet would do it justice so please find the link here and contemplate on this fragile yet precious journey called life.... Continue Reading →

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