MISOGYNY – Is it a result of patriarchy? By Nouf Ajaji

Misogyny is the oldest prejudice in the world, it’s not just feelings of hate or superiority over women, but it’s also the disdain or disrespect of women. We face it throughout our lives sometimes by family members, friends, colleagues, society or even women. Misogyny is present in everyday life; in healthcare, advertising, politics, music, entertainment... Continue Reading →

To quit or to try to quit- That is the question! by Sydney Colbert

“Smoking is dead, Vaping is the future and the future is now!” is the exact phrase popular YouTuber RiP Trippers uses to conclude every video. With over 1.1 million subscribers on his Youtube page, RiP posts a video everyday covering the latest “mods”, “tanks” and accessories in the world of vaping and averaging over 17,000... Continue Reading →

Turn Down For What?

Hi @KhaleejiGirl! Have you ever dreamt about being behind the microphone and being in charge of the music in a radio booth? Well we are fortunate enough to have a @KhaleejiGirl work as one of the latest up and coming DJs behind Bahrain's leading station! We took a second to turn down the radio to... Continue Reading →

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