“What if” Jitters

You’ve recently graduated from high school and you may have received your college acceptance letters already. If so, congratulations @KhaleejiGirl! Or maybe you haven’t received them yet.  Regardless, the anxiety is palpable and it’s looming over you. You can’t sleep at night pondering all of the “what if” scenarios through your mind. “Have I made … Continue reading “What if” Jitters

Is it that time when you think you need to change your style?

Is it time to shift from wearing young girl like clothing to wearing elegant pieces that reflect the sophisticated lady you are? A woman's clothing can reflect so much of her personality and character. Clothing can easily demonstrate whether you're a woman worth knowing due to her classiness and elegance or if you're just like … Continue reading Is it that time when you think you need to change your style?

Let’s Talk About Sex, Maybe

With the recent suicide of lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, many media outlets wrote articles breaking the news of his untimely death. But one article stood out to me the most as it led to a train of thoughts about a typical @Khaleejigirl facing what Bennington faced throughout his life. Sexual abuse. The … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex, Maybe