Meeting Per Chance

I met her in quite an ordinary setting. It was at a gym and I walked in around about 10 am ( I was in between jobs then) and made a wisecrack about the parking situation to which the sassy receptionist came back at me at an instant with a stinging retort. As I walked in, I... Continue Reading →

To Life Coach or Not?

Suicide is not a novel concept at all. It has been around for longer than any @KhaleeejiGirl wants to think about but it’s happening more and more these days due to the media spotlight on it. So much so that even while writing this article, a new notification from the Gulf Daily News newspaper popped... Continue Reading →

So Long Selfies

The era for selfies has been through so much. First, there was the standard selfie, then the selfie stick, and now the latest to join and make a trio is here. Meet the Drone 720X, a new type of drone made so for anyone to fly it while taking a selfie. Click on the following... Continue Reading →

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