By @KhaleejiGirl I Think I’ve Got It!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending an event called the vocalist hosted by the butterfly effect. This had been my second time seeing the contestants perform and I noticed something very unique about them. Besides their wonderful voices that ranged on diverse levels, I couldn’t help but notice the audience more this time. I saw how much pride the parents of the contestants had in their eyes as they filmed their children singing.

Now if you’re a frequent visitor of the @Khaleejigirl website you’ll note how often the theme of love and support or lack there of have been mentioned. So as I continued to watch the children perform, I thought to myself, perhaps the o my thing that was missing from many a @khaleejigirl is support coming from a more specific and central figure; maybe all that was missing from a @khaleejigirl’s life was support and understanding of her dreams from her family members.

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