Lost and Found

I feel like I’ve kind of lost myself and I think the @Khaleejigirl followers may have noticed. I haven’t written for a very very long time. Specifically since the passing of my grandmother early in 2018, only a year after my mother, my ultimate best friend’s passing last year. Once I let go of @Khaleejigirl, my alter ego, the better version of myself, the mirror of my existence that I fought very hard to both build and convince others of the importance behind it, ironically convincing those two women, I saw myself turn into the complete opposite of what I have always stood for. What Khaleejigirl stood and fought for.

I am a woman who admits fault when I have been guilty of it. I am guilty of going against everything Khaleejigirl stands for. The reason I am admitting my wrong doings to you readers is because I would never want you to repeat my mistakes And go against your principles.

I now realize all those corny movies I used to watch in the 90s were corny for a reason. Facing your fears can only take you so far if you don’t follow through. Listening to other peoples opinions won’t make you happy or lead you to where you want to go. We must be careful with who we choose to befriend because not every person has our best interests in their heart. Sometimes they would want nothing more than to waste our time, look down on us, or God forbid want us to stay exactly where we are struggling, drowning, without a lifeboat in sight.

I’m so sorry my @Khaleejigirl fans but after learning that harsh lesson from several people, I’m not going anywhere.

@Khaleejigirl is here to stay.

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