Plus Size, Curvy or Just Fat? by Mai AlSaudi

Since I was in pigtails I was considered to be bigger than my peers. It never really bothered me until my aunt suggested I go on the boiled egg diet at the age of 10.

For those of you who don’t know what the boiled egg diet is , it is a regimen where you are only allowed to eat 2 boiled eggs on each meal, breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Yes, she thought that was what’s needed for a 10-year-old girl!

Since then, I started thinking a lot about what makes my body different from the girls in my family or my classmates. I’m pudgier & taller than them, not necessarily with a bigger appetite for food, as I ate & had the same exercise routine as everyone else!

So how can I still be bigger?

As I grew up, I had to endure the pressure of the constant nag for me to lose weight! Once I reached my teens and all through my college years, I felt fine within my skin but somehow the world was so bothered by it!

“You would look so much prettier if you shed those extra kilos!”

“Oh my God such pretty face, but that tummy though!!”

Lots of comments like that, which I didn’t know how to react to. Should I enjoy the complement to my beauty or be pissed that my figure didn’t match up!

With time the comments got harsher and harsher, digesting every inch of my body like it was ok! The stomach, arms, legs and other parts I don’t think I should mention to you lovely readers!

All that pressure made me a little bit angry that I wasn’t the person you see on tv pigging out on all kinds of junk food! I enjoyed healthy stuff too like having salads as an everyday staple in my diet & luckily chocolate and I are not that close of friends!

Reading about different kinds of bodies I realized this was who I was! I was given this body by God so I decided to enjoy it and take care of it and made it my daily mission to send that message to the world out there.

Wearing white, and trying all sorts of trends was my way to show the world “whoever felt sorry for me” that I love my figure, I still look cute & shopping is a fun activity to do.

So in 2014, I decided to launch a plus size blog, where I share my fashion experience, vent about things & give shopping tips to girls who are struggling to build their style for their body-type.

The blog caught attention faster than I thought! People loved the idea and were asking questions very often. Brands were happy about it and offered support which made me ecstatic!

Girls approach me every day for help about accepting their bodies but they’re still too afraid to share it with the world and that’s the thing that I’m really confused about!

How are we supposed to make a difference if we stay quiet!

Why is everything related to our bodies treated like a taboo?

Isn’t this the body we are gifted and should be proud of?

Many questions run through my head that I know with time I’ll get the answers to!

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