Am I A Baby Factory? by Noor Alaweyat

As a @KhaleejiGirl it’s safe to say that you are born and raised in the best way our parents see fit. Many of these parents wish and aim for a certain kind of criteria. Usually they consist of the best education along with praying for the child to have the best health throughout their lives. So in honor of our parents and their hard work, many of us try to hold up our end of the bargain by keeping up with our studies to the best of our abilities in an attempt to strive to attain acceptance into the best university once our high school careers are over.

So then, riddle me this.

Though others may know this, usually you’re told by others, typically  older female strangers, the following sentence(s). “when will I see you in your wedding dress?” Or “Inshallah I will dance on your wedding day one day soon.”

Forgive me but this is especially annoying after a @KhaleejiGirl spends her entire lifetime dedicated to furthering her burgeoning career through academic pursuits. So, why do others easily ignore that and instead of praying for a promotion at work or a MA degree, why do they insist that the be all end all has to be a husband? Is it really because of the baby factor? What if a @KhaleejiGirl wants to dedicate her life to continuing to further this pursuit? Why is it that many other older women choose to ignore that while still trying to persuade a @KhaleejiGirl to push a baby out of her cervix? Is that all that the life of a @KhaleejiGirl has to offer? And furthermore, is that the common norm that comes with marriage? One minute you’re at the wedding hall and next is a sign on a @KhaleejiGirl’s tummy that says Be Right Back in 9 Months with a Baby?

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