A Masterpiece by Any Other Name by Sydney Colbert

As I was scrolling twitter, another user had put a picture of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, The Creation Of Adam. What can I say about it that hasn’t been said before? What is it about art that moves a human? Since we’re on the Creation of Adam, let’s use it as an example. On first glance and looking at the picture at a micro level, the detail is mind boggling. From the exact detail of the human form to the swooshing cape to the still debated identities of the females in the painting, I can safely say that art moves the human soul like nothing else does. It’s sort of a microcosm into the soul of the creator and that is what makes us human. No other species on earth expresses themselves in a modicum that comes close to art. Sure the song of a bird or the colors of a peacock is in its own way an art form but that comes from divine creation and not from the intellect of a being. In general art can be anything, from a piece by Chopin or Beethoven to a creation by a sushi master. From a cave painting or a fresco of Lord Buddha to the art of creation itself, the complexities and the possibilities that art and self expression bring are limitless and I think we as people need to take a minute or so each day to harness , admire and enhance that inborn self expression to create our versions of a masterpiece.

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