A waste of time or was it? by Sydney Colbert

I remember the days of high school when university was like a second chance. A chance to be me. A chance to be a grown up and finally start the rest of my life. A chance to be creative and learn and be a part of a community.

Now that I’ve done that, and I’ve been out in “the real world” for a few years, I realized something. I have come to the conclusion that throughout the entire four years I spent in university working on acing that final and writing the perfect essays they were a gigantic waste of time! On a daily basis, I struggle to find the reasoning as to why people spend thousands of dollars on these so called “educational “ institutes or institutes of higher learning If you may, when you can learn pretty much everything you need from a mentor or from credible work experience. The only aspect of me that came alive during all my years there was the social aspect. I enjoyed every minute of it. The shenanigans, the hours spent arguing about nothing, the parties and more. That’s what makes university great. It’s been a few years since I’ve left and I’ve worked in prestigious companies, never have I been asked to prove my educational qualifications. Why? Because my personality and skills that I developed throughout my life experience is what got me the job, not my university degree.

So aside from the countless parties and relations that I developed from my university years, was my life and time spent at university really a waste? Living in the 21st century many times I look around and I see less qualified people who have higher positions than I do. This is because is seems like we’re living in a world that accepts the culture of knowing the right people more than going to the right universities and attaining your degree. So when this happens @KhaleejiGirl, do you feel less empowered and perhaps even less important after working so hard to get your degree?



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