Sometimes It’s Tiring Being a Good Girl by Noor Alaweyat

At the tender age of well probably 18 if not sooner, I realized I wasn’t living the life I wanted. I was always the good girl who listened to other people out of respect. From parents to friends, colleagues, and more, I remember I had an opinion about everything but I was just too polite to vocalize it. And although I’m still within my twenties, listening to others is one of the biggest regrets of my life. True, it’s never too late however, when life gets in the way of you going back and getting that degree you’ve always wanted I’ve discovered that is when you need to stop being a good little girl. This is when you need to hustle.


In fact, even the idea of @KhaleejiGirl was something many if not most people were not a fan of when it first started in 2014. People would tell me things like, “how will you make money?” “no one’s going to read that junk of yours,” and my personal favorite, “your English is weak.” I write this while I look at my degrees from the US in political science and journalism and the UK for teaching English as a second language. But I remember this was probably the first time in a very long time that I was fed up. I no longer listened to anyone but myself.

The point of me recalling such events to you my darling @KhaleejiGirl is that this is your life and no one else’s. There comes a time where you need to pave your own path and not the one that others expected to come from you.

Do I regret those years that I didn’t listen to my own voice? Of course. However, I understand why they had to happen; it was a harsh learning curve and life lesson that could not have been learned from any textbook. It was one where metaphorically I was sent out to sea to see if I’ll sink or swim. And now, many years later, after following my own voice in addition to studying the current environment I’m in along while studying my strengths and weaknesses, I’m now one step closer to having a somewhat successful company of my own.

If I were to listen to those who didn’t understand what was best for me or listen to those who didn’t believe in my own untapped potential I would have been living my worst nightmare right now. So for that I am grateful I was an active listener for a number of years instead of showing everyone my inner true colors.

So if you’re a @KhalejiGirl who is still lost or a little intimidated from speaking your own voice or living the life you truly want, you’ll get there one day at your own pace. Be patient.

Yours truly,

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