Is traditionalism still important in the 21st century? by Noor Alaweyat

It has become pretty accustomed to many, but not all, of us women to start taking part in more traditional roles. These include setting the dinner table, cooking the main dish, washing the dishes and much more. Many times this is a tradition that has been passed from one generation to another of predominantly women. One mother shares her process with the next generation who then shares it with her daughter and so on. How else will secret family recipes live on? Yet, in the modern kind of world that a @KhaleejiGirl lives in, with so many opportunities beckoning to be taken by her, is it really fair to stick so many traditions and pin them to mostly women like outfits set onto a clothing line to dry? If so, would it really be because such traditional roles will in fact, dare I say it, lead to a husband who could then be the answer to all of her prayers thereby leading to complete a woman’s life?
And since we’re on the topic of traditions, I have to wonder, isn’t it also somewhat part of a well mannered and disciplined woman to never raise her voice and always do what others ask of her?
Although the list of examples above could go on and on, I’ll choose to stop right here before I become irate; from where I’m standing I don’t see a strong willed @KhaleejiGirl abiding by any of this. Therefore, does it really make sense for a @KhaleejiGirl to continue taking a step back by cooking a meal she may not even like especially when she may need this time to do other things like paying her bills or finishing a university essay?  Does it really add dare I say prestige to the resume of a @khaleejigirl if she has “skilled with all cooking equipment” written on the same line as masters in engineering? If that’s true then where does the alliance of a @KhaleejiGirl lie: perfecting her career which she worked very hard for or the latest dish in the kitchen? If the answer lies in the kitchen then is it really worth even bothering with pursuing a university degree? What it comes down to is the question of that really make one feel empowered in the end?

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