Turn Down For What?

Hi @KhaleejiGirl! Have you ever dreamt about being behind the microphone and being in charge of the music in a radio booth? Well we are fortunate enough to have a @KhaleejiGirl work as one of the latest up and coming DJs behind Bahrain’s leading station! We took a second to turn down the radio to talk to the woman behind the mic on Radio Bahrain’s 96.5, Sarah Nabil as she advises any and every @KhaleejiGirl with an interest in this field!

Q. What is your profession?

A. Music producer/composer & Radio DJ

Q. How did you get into this?

A. I’ve always been into music, but the art of production came along around the time I was graduating high school. I was inspired by some online videos of producers in the studio and instantly felt like I found my passion! Since then, music has been everything to me.

Q. What advice would you offer other girls who look up to you as a role model who would want to be in this profession one day?

A. Despite this being a male-dominated field, I’ve been seeing women from different parts of the world getting into it over the past few years. So the game is definitely changing & it’s about time! I’d say anyone wanting to get into it should remember to enjoy it, especially if you’re pursuing it professionally. Just like with anything else, it could get hectic and stressful. Whenever that happens, try to always remember why you started in the first place to keep yourself inspired.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to say to empower a Khaleejigirl?

A. Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do something! I truly believe that this generation of women is making and can continue to make huge changes. Women now are more aware that these invisible cultural “barriers” don’t really matter and should’ve never existed in the first place. If what you want to go after is considered unconventional and you’re reluctant, remember that if it was easy everybody would do it. I believe in you!

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