New Start in a New City by Sydney Colbert

A new year ..I guess!

So here I am, at the precipice of something new. A new year, new hopes, new dreams, new experiences and I’m sure a lot of new people who will impact the next 365 days in both a positive and not so positive way.

So here’s a little background. This New Year’s Eve was spent in Liverpool, England. A historic yet modern city with ancient churches, building steeped in history and struggle, a thriving Music scene (home to the Beatles), glamorous new sky scrapers and shopping districts and two cathedrals to showcase this.

This got me thinking. Is it possible to start entirely over when the calendar resets to 1/01 ? In my personal experience, I don’t think it is . Sure we strive to do better be happier versions of ourselves but how many of us actually take the steps necessary to be better versions? The sad truth is not many. Studies show that most resolutions last a month or two before the status quo sets in and we’re back to old time proven habits.

But hey in this article , I will be optimistic. I do hope for a better 2018, filled with love, positivity and good vibes to all of you. But first here’s to getting past a terrible hangover.

Cheers from a cold yet festive New Years night!

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