Unwarranted Criticism by Noor Alaweyat

Is it just me or does it sometimes seem like we come from a criticizing society?

In an economy such as the one we’re living in today, it’s not the easiest thing to find a job. Especially one that is worthy of a person’s qualifications. According to the Economic Development Board, “While unemployment Is expected to edge down from last year’s 4.7% to 4.3% this year, core inflation is also set to remain below target with a slight decline from last year’s 1.7% to 1.6% this year.” Even with that being said, no matter how educated a @KhaleejiGirl may be she may still run into the possibility of struggling to find a job. Through such hurdles, one is able to feel unmotivated and worthless because of the amount of times she has received rejection from several job interviews that didn’t end well.

Sometimes it seems like after years of working hard to attain an impeccable GPA from both high school and higher education, a @Khaleejigirl may feel down on her luck for her lack of finding a job. But she continues to strive that the next application may be her winning ticket.

In the meantime, if this were to happen to any @KhaleejiGirl, it leads to many negative things such as having low self-esteem lack of confidence, and so much more. So, instead of perhaps applauding others for the success, why do we discourage them for it? I’ll never forget the one time I was called in for an interview for a company. Let’s just say, I’m thankful I didn’t get a callback. The manager kept on reading through my CV as most managers wouold in an interview but when he saw the word internship mentioned more than one time throughout the document he scoffed and said, who cares about this? It’s just an internship. It took me a while to realize this but I have to wonder, why is it instead of working together and learning with each other why do we focus on diminishing one’s success? Why is it that many people be it they are a @KhaleejiGirl or not we focus on succeeding by ourselves without the help of another @KhaleejiGirl? Instead of approaching criticism negatively why do we choose to avoid using constructive criticism sometimes?


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