A Generation Unlike Any Other by Noor Alaweyat

Yes, we grew up. Yes, we went to school, graduated, received  acceptances into multiple universities and went to the best one. Now we’ve graduated from university with a degree of our choice, five years down the road we’re simply not interested in it anymore.

And guess what?

Many of us take the leap and forge our own paths that are different than the ones our parents may have wanted for us.


According to research from Hubspot, a leading marketing network based in the United States, this is because the theme of entrepreneurship went away for a while during the tough times older generations lived through such as the 2009 recession when people were spending less than before. Yet, as current day 20 something year olds, we are lucky enough to not stick with whatever job we get because it pays the bills otherwise known as the “work to live” mentality. In fact, our generation is looking more to feel satisfied from their work as opposed to anything else.

Unlike the generations of our parents before us, our generation has the strength and gusto to believe in itself. So we risk it all. We start our own companies because we are educated. We are savvy. And most of all, we feel more satisfaction while working on something we feel truly passionate about. It makes us feel meaningful to ourselves and sometimes even the world.

We live during a time when building a startup is easier than ever. A @KhaleejiGirl can create a website for next to nothing which allows her to also promote her company and gain even more exposure plus more independence.

It also helps that every @KhaleejiGirl now lives in a globalized world and has social media by her side at all times. While using this tool for fun, a @KhaleejiGirl can also utilize social media for business. Hence, a @KhaleejiGirl can use this as a tool to showcase and experiment with her new business idea on different platforms. She can use social media as a trial and error experiment until she is completely sure what she wants her business to be. When that day comes, investors from different parts of the world will surely be caught by her efforts and hopefully team up with said @KhaleejiGirl.

The only thing that may be missing from a @KhaleejiGirl before she can make her dreams come true is perhaps having confidence in herself and her own vision. Remember, there may be other people who have similar ideas as you in the sense of a business, but you and only you will have the specific vision for your company. So continue to be a badass kind of KhaleejiGirl without looking back.

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