Why Don’t Women Support Other Women? by Noor Alaweyat

A question has been troubling me for some time. It’s one that shouldn’t even be asked but unfortunately it is. As I thought google would easily provide me a remedy for this question, I thought I’d have a go and actually type that question in. low and behold to my surprise, one of the most outspoken and notoriously bold women would provide me with the answer to my curiosity.

Chelsea Handler was the first result to show up on my search.

On Arianna Huffington’s website, Thrive Global, Chelsea Handler published an essay entitled, “We Have a Problem with Women Supporting Women.”

In the wake of the recent US Presidential election, Handler was motivated to write such article after finding a staggering percentage of women who voted for Donald Trump instead of support Hillary Clinton. Handler noted that instead of helping “Forget the jealousy. Forget the competitiveness. We are stronger together. Find a woman you have nothing in common with and give her a hug. Then hug yourself. She goes on to note how, “it’s become the definitive evidence for proving that women don’t support each other and that we’re the ones holding ourselves back.”

But why? 

As my research continued, I stumbled upon a new piece of evidence from, Huffington Post, that seemed to be the answer to all of my questions. It stated how once women start to support other women they fear how they will “face subtle or not so subtle disapproval from their male peers.” This will then make them seem inferior to them and perhaps even not being taken as seriously as their male counterparts.

As I looked towards the words on the screen, I couldn’t help but wonder, is that really the only reason why women don’t want to support those of the same sex as them? Or is it something even simpler than that like jealousy, envy, greed, and more? Can it only be one reason or many other options behind the lack of support for other women?

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