Gatsby Gives a Massage by Noor Alaweyat

A few days ago I was invited by the owner of Gatsby Salon for a complimentary massage which was deeply needed. With all the stress and hectic lifestyle we all lead no matter the kind of job you have, can you blame me for saying such a thing?

Once I first entered this salon located in The Walk, Riffa area, I didn’t know what to expect. For someone who seems to be constantly in pain when it comes to the different aches that my body can handle from dusk to dawn, ironically I wasn’t one who had too many massages. I’m actually not very fond of massages (hands may either be too rough, or never just right). But, as I took the first step into the Gatsby, I was instantly reassured that this experience would be one to be remembered.

As I was greeted by many of the employees, I was asked to wait until the deemed masseuse was ready for me. As I waited, I looked around the elegantly decorated salon, I had to wonder to myself how this experience will be different from massages that may have hurt in the past.

As my thoughts continued, I was finally greeted by a lady named Tita who would later be known in my mind as my saviour who, two weeks after my massage, eliminated the pain that was all felt over my body.

Tita asked me to lay down as her hands explored my body, testing the delicacy level she was able to manage that would not cause any inconvenience or build up my pain threshold level. Low and behold, Tita was able to quickly grasp the amount of delicacy that achieved one of the best massages I have had yet.

Some areas were rougher than others due to a previous injury that was endured on my body about a year ago. But with the help of Tita, she was able to eliminate them by personalizing her massage to my specific body which is what she does with every client who comes her way. From the moment I realized what she was doing, Tita was able to give me the newest sensation of normalcy that I missed in what felt like an eternity when her hands tackled my areas of dire pain. True to the Gatsby fashion in every sense.

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