Love in the time of Hurricane Harvey

Turn on any news channel over the last week and one story dominates them all. Harvey, Houston, “Epic”, Curfew, Trump etc. are just some of the words used over and over again and for a storm of the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey, the continuous news reports are not only warranted by needed. A couple of things stood out though, I had flashbacks of 2005.

There is an old adage which goes like “Lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice same” which essentially means the same highly unlikely thing never happens to the same person twice. The adage which has been scientifically proven untrue is an outdated saying which holds no place in today’s world.  This came to mind when the distressing images of Houston, Texas had an eerily similar resemblance to the tragedy New Orleans went through when Katrina ran through it in 2005.

What in the world is going on? Has society reached a level where arrogance is the go to mode for people all over the world? Can’t we learn from lessons of the past and be more prepared for the future?

In the wake of every tragedy, either caused by humans or by Mother Nature, the question “What could we have done to lessen the loss of life?” is always asked to which the standard go to response is to blame a government or an agency (Example. FEMA in 2005 during Katrina & the lack of evacuations during Harvey in 2017) and to shift the blame to poor infrastructure or a general lack of preparedness when the big disaster hits.

The root of the issue is, we as a species have lost the ability to learn from issues of the past. We refuse to look back and learn from previous horrors so when the next big disaster hits, we take it as another learning experience and leave it at that. It’s a constant cycle where people lose their lives over and over and all we can do is sit there and blame everyone but ourselves.

It makes me think. How far will this go? Eventually, will we have a repeat of the events of the past all due to a lack of awareness and care?

The time is now @KhaleejiGirls, we need to start being aware of all the things we do and look to the past to ensure our future decisions make the world a better place, not just for ourselves but for humanity as a whole.

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