A Scientist by Any Other Name

The comment below, a rarity in its own right, was found on the music video to Coldplay’s “The Scientist”. The comment says what the video is trying to say. To keep this short and sweet would do it justice so please find the link here and contemplate on this fragile yet precious journey called life.

“And as we just sit here; Day after day wishing and always regretting. In the midst of billions and billions of life forms and stars: Music and creation blowing through and surging in our veins. We sit. We wait. We use instinct as our number one go ; ignoring how much it could flow into something so horrid. Regret. And more regret. We experience. We learn. We forget. We experience. We learn. And the cycle goes on; You can’t rewind time no matter how much you will it, no matter how much you want it. So; use it wisely. Go and grab your crush, the person you love, or someone you care about; And tell them how magnificent they are. Because; nobody knows when their bodies are going to fade in the grave. We live. We die. They remember. They die. We fade. Forgotten. Don’t live for the thrill just to get caught under the bus; Live everyday as your last, but; also as your first. Touched by this song fairly deeply.”

I dedicate this to all my @Khaleejigirls all over the world. Here’s to you. Here’s to Life. Here’s to this big ball of blue we call home ❤

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