Social Media Empowers Us

There’s been much debate about the role social media has. Opinions vary from social media being great, to being unnecessary, and even awful. But it’s times like these when social media does something great, particularly for women.

Earlier during summer 2017, Twitter created a video with a specific hashtag, #SheInspiresMe, to empower women. This notion was led by poet Denise Frohman who was behind the film where she was also featured in it reciting these empowering words while showing faces of different women.

“I heard a woman becomes herself the first time she speaks without permission … Say beautiful and point to the map of your body. Say brave and wear your skin like a gown or a suit. Say hero and cast yourself in a lead role … When a woman tells her story she lives forever.”

After I watched the different women appear on the screen looking at the camera, it was as if they looked through me and into my soul. I felt empowered I felt strong, I felt brave. I began to realize the feelings I felt were not just feelings, instead they were loud statements of my true self.

It was then that my journey to find my own voice, to find my true self began and the manifestation of that, is this article.

#SheInspiresMe was previously leveraged during International Women’s Day and also held a #SheInspiresMe event. The film also continues Twitter’s ongoing effort to show how the platform is where people go to find out what’s being talked about, right now.

If every @KhaleejiGirl pulls her efforts with a friend, we will be able to do the same. Nothing is stopping us now especially with social media at the helm.


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