What a @KhaleejiGirl Needs

As a @KhaleejiGirl you’ll meet new people, yes. Some will end up being friends, some will just be acquaintances, sure. Some may even be living proof of the kind of person you don’t want to grow up to be.

With every stumble a @KhaleejiGirl takes, she learns so much about herself. With every bad grade on a test, to every job interview that went so well but she ultimately did not get the job, and more, every hurdle, good or bad, and more taught her something about herself.

But in the end, through all of the rollercoaster rides we all stand in line for, a @Khaleejigirl should stay positive as she is learning more and more about herself; everything she goes through is for a reason that the universe has in that @KhaleejiGirl’s plan. And while she’s discovering her life’s journey, what’s better than to do this with another @KhaleejiGirl?

One of the most important things in the life of a @KhaleejiGirl is having support and love from a good group of her closest @KhaleejiGirl friends so you can all grow to become stronger people together. What’s unfortunate about the situation is thinking that as a @KhaleejiGirl who’s trying to pave her own path, she must go through this journey alone. In fact, it is the worst way to think especially when you have many empowering, thoughtful, strong role models you can surround yourself with. As a @KhaleejiGirl you can tap into your inner circle of close friends and loved ones who support you and want to see you shine.

Develop and invest in relationships with people you look up to and foster these relationships. They are what will help create authenticity and help you develop your own strengths realizing your weaknesses. You’re at a point in your life where you need this kind of circle if you’re interested in moving forward and upward in the world.

Although it is doable to move forward without a strong support system, it is far more rewarding when you have people who are on the same vibe level that you’re in.

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