“What if” Jitters

You’ve recently graduated from high school and you may have received your college acceptance letters already. If so, congratulations @KhaleejiGirl! Or maybe you haven’t received them yet.  Regardless, the anxiety is palpable and it’s looming over you. You can’t sleep at night pondering all of the “what if” scenarios through your mind.

“Have I made the right choice?”

“Will they kick me out because I don’t know what my major is yet?”

“I’ve always wanted this but is it a mistake?”

The best advice anyone who’s been there before can give a @KhaleejiGirl is the following:

Life is all about taking risks and what other time is there to take that risk than in college?Sure you may go to Berkley your first semester but if you end up not liking it it’s not the end of the world! You can always transfer to another university. The same applies for figuring out what major you want to specialize in; the university will not kick you out if you don’t have your entire four years planned out. In fact, most colleges require every @KhaleejiGirl attending the American university to take core subjects no matter what you major in. Hence, if you’re still not sure of what you want to major in, you can spend this time finishing those classes while figuring out what you’re passionate for.

Meanwhile, while you’re at Berkley and still waiting to hear back from the other universities you looked to attain acceptance from, you’ll have a lot of free time. Use it wisely by keeping yourself busy. You don’t want to be “that @KhaleejiGirl student” who just sits in her room scolding her surroundings and turning into a loner. Join a club! Make friends! When I was in college there was actually a girl in this exact situation. She was from California and she enrolled in my freshmen class however she decided to leave for whatever the reason was. With transferring out of the college in mind, it didn’t stop her from joining clubs, taking cooking classes, and other things she always wanted to do in college even if she was only going to be there for one more semester. When she joined these classes and did these activities it only enriched her experience at the university. It not only added a world of experiences, lessons, and laughter but she gained lifelong friends—heck she still talks to me today despite different colleges distancing us over these past few years.

You may get homesick—it’s actually very very normal but if you’re in a surrounding that you love or you’re at least comfortable with you’ll overcome this sickness soon enough.  Yet, I must warn all of you @KhaleejiGirls that we all need a little bit of a reminder of home every once in a while. That’s why it’s always always fun in more than one way and for more than just you to go with someone you know. Yes you will make new friends as mentioned but there’s just something wonderful about having a little slice of home with you while you’re away in college.

There’s a reason why you’ve heard it more than once before—your college years are known to be the best years of your life. So don’t look back on them in regret and you won’t if you know you’ve done everything that made you happy.

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