Sadie Nardini Anybody?

A few years ago right after my university days in Rhode Island were over, I moved to DC to start my internship with BBC Arabic. But before I started as the next interim producer of BBC Arabic, I specifically remember how I had a weekend to kill.  I remember moving into my newly unfurnished empty apartment while I waited eagerly for the moving company to deliver all of my things that defined my days as a student into my new home. To both my surprise and rage, the moving company took longer than expected. Meanwhile, all I could do was entertain myself with all I had with me- a suitcase full of clothes neatly tidied up in my walk in closet full of well if I’m being honest, shoes, my gigantic black maybe 164? GB I-Pod that was stolen shortly after moving into that apartment, and my MacBook Pro aka the love of my life. Luckily my internet had been set up and being in a different state knowing no one and being in an unfamiliar area with only my laptop as a companion, I took advantage of the situation.

Enter YouTube and the phase of browsing on this channel. As I scrolled throughout this medium, I found myself sitting on the ground in yoga pants with my laptop in front of me.

I was about to take up my first yoga class.

I’d imagine that an intro similar to, “Hi I’m Sadie Nardi and I lost 30 lbs. just by doing this kind of yoga and you can too!” would catch the attention of any @KhaleejiGirl. The kind of yoga that I enrolled myself in is specifically designed for beginners and it’s called, “20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout!” Surprisingly enough I found myself going back to it time and time again.

What I found to be the nice thing about doing yoga on YouTube, especially if you’re unfit which I was back in 2012, is you can control it at your own pace. If a position is a little uncomfortable or takes too much of your breath away, you’re able to judge yourself based on your body’s reactions and stop, or pause the video.

I loved that part the most. I was in control of my own fitness. I wouldn’t have to think twice about leaving a class if I felt like I was out of breath, uncomfortable, or worse! But the best part is, I actually tried it and, I felt my body had shifted from a life of waking up and craving chocolate morphing into a life of craving fruit and vegetables from Whole Foods around the corner from my apartment. Also, my first day of BBC Arabic I distinctly remember hopping out of that bus to walk over a few blocks to get to the office and as odd as this is going to sound, feeling like my stomach was lighter. Perhaps I can coin this moment to feeling like I didn’t want the feeling to stop.

With this particular class for beginners, Sadi Nardi makes things simple and comfortable which is not always the case with all yoga classes which I discovered later on in life. Although I did not continue with her classes, knowing that a class as relaxing as this one exists, comforts me to pull out my yoga mat out of the closet at any point and just find this specific yoga video.

As I write this article, I’m picturing myself in that apartment with my laptop following the yoga instructor’s directions which brings back so many fond memories. My mood became more stable, I was more confident, and at peace with myself which is something most of us need these days. I definitely encourage every @KhaleejiGirl to try it.

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