Land that dream job!

The title of this article seems hopeful. It would suggest that there is a simple answer behind getting that dream job of yours that you’ve wanted after all these years of dreaming; whether it’s becoming the CEO of Alshaya holdings, or being head of communications at the #1 international organization of all time, or what have you, you can in fact achieve your ideal dream. (Keep reading and I’ll let you in on the trick to making this happen.)

First, you really need to listen to this one as it may be the most important one. You really need to just limit your negative thinking as much as you can.

The only person’s voice you have to listen to is yourself. After all, you have your best interest in mind not that random stranger who sits across from you at work and gives you the stink eye (you know the one.) So to every @KhaleejiGirl out there, whether you know us, Vladimir Putin, Queen B, or Queen Elizabeth, it doesn’t matter as long as you get to know yourself. Once you do, you’ll be able to know the best way to land your dream job because then you’ll know your strengths.

(We recommend pulling out a notebook or something to write your strengths and weaknesses on.) Got it? Great! Create a table with two columns- a pro column to list all of your assets and your strengths in general and a con column. Maybe you hate your job as a social media specialist at wherever it is you’re currently working in. nothing is wrong with that, really. But, we’re sure that there must be something you like about it. So you would think back to one of the days you were at work and maybe you realize you hate doing social media for a living (this would go on the con section where it would motivate you to not apply to similar jobs in the future.) yet you’d still think back to this same job and think of what you enjoyed about it. Maybe you liked the PR language that you used while writing and promoting certain activities (this would obviously go in the pro section and maybe now you realize you want to try your luck in a PR job.) The more you go down your pro and con list the easier the process of fulfilling your dream becomes.

For you see @KhaleejiGirl, it is only when you get to know and understand yourself and the layers that create you that you become one step closer to achieving your dream job. After all, you’ve always had the power to attaining this job within you, now you’re able to get it 😉

Good luck!



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