Who’s your mentor?

My mentor is someone who taught me the tricks of the industry that I love: social media. Someone who has not left my side during hard times of both personal and professional downfalls. Someone who saw potential in me and my future and decided to take a risk on me. I owe everything to this person as it was the start of @KhaleejiGirl as you see her now.

This happened only a few years ago.

Although this may not be a common act many older and more established people within the respective careers do, I had to wonder what does any other @KhaleejiGirl have to do to obtain such a kind of mentor? One to guide her and teach her how to succeed and what to avoid within her own respective career?

I can’t for the life of me figure out why others won’t aid those who have been so inspired by them.

So it made me think, why don’t we stick together and help one another? Why are there many strong @KhaleejiGirl leaders in different industries eager to climb that cooperate ladder deliberately leaving those who have been there for us in the past behind? Has ­­­­the world really turned many a @Khaleejigirl to become too bitter to want others to be as happy as they are? Is it really impossible to climb that ladder while still helping others?

Have we really stumbled back into a McCarthyism kind of life? One where you’re really either with us or against us but no in between?


Is it a matter of jealousy? Is it a matter of wanting everything for one @KhaleejiGirl and not more than that? Is it because there’s no monetary reward if one does it? Could that be it?

Think about it: Yes, there are many @KhaleejiGirl moguls in their own regard such as fashionistas and business owners who are quite famous and successful. But when it comes to assisting others who want to one day obtain the same stature in whatever industry they are in, the successful @Khaleejigirl will turn an eye and only focus on her own success and not that of helping others.

From where I’m sitting it seems as though #SQUADGOALS only seem to be a common thing in a Western part of the world.

Take for instance rapper Jay Z who took Kanye West under his wing as his prodigy when West was just producing Jay Z’s ‘The Blueprint” album. A few years later, the rest became history. Jay Z did the same with other artists like Rihanna, J Cole, and others. You have other artists who also acted as mentors to whomever they saw potential in such as Lil Wayne (mentor) to Drake (prodigy) who then became Drake (mentor) to The Weekend (prodigy). The list of such relations continue with Lil’ Wayne (mentor) to Nicki Minaj (prodigy), T.I. (mentor) to Iggy Azalea (prodigy) and so many other relationships to come.

As far as I’ve seen, mentor prodigy relationships are not a very common thing on our tiny little island or even in the Gulf.

When sometimes, all a @Khaleejigirl may need in this dog eat dog world IS just a mentor. Someone who can look at her talent and see the potential she has to thrive.

That shouldn’t be difficult to ask for but why is it?

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