Run to a Stronger Network

Have you ever seen a movie where determined, busy, business men and women are seen with their friends working out be it in their office located on a high floor or at the gym? Have you ever wondered why? What is it about the gym that a lot of these characters flock towards?

Well, there’s a reason why movies show scenes of successful characters exercising. It’s actually art imitating life. In both the movies and the real world, working out can give a @KhaleejiGirl the chance to meet new people that may even be in the same field they’re in thereby allowing a @KhaleejiGirl to network with them and get a good workout. While working out you are able to meet up with prospective clients, employees, and partners while breaking a sweat.

According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, “those who engaged in vigorous exercise for 20 minutes at least three days a week were less likely to report poor mental health and perceived stress.” So if a @KhaleejiGirl adds that on top of talking with her new gym buddy who is within the same field as her, she is able to get more than what she bargained for to begin with!

But what it comes down to is working out is more than just a matter of networking. What I’ve personally noticed with my own fitness has been a major confidence booster. Before I lost weight, I remember being very shy and awkward (well more awkward) than I am now. I wouldn’t like anything I was wearing that wasn’t loose fitted and it had to be clothing that was specifically not flattering to my body. It was as if I was punishing myself like I didn’t deserve to wear nice things. I will admit right now that yes, before I lost the weight I did by working out, I had little to no confidence in myself and in my body.  So when I took the plunge and decided to commit myself to working out I remember telling my trainer that I didn’t want to lose the weight to be sexy. I didn’t want to lose the weight to make all the men stare at me and whistle.

I chose to lose weight to finally be healthy and it was the best decision I had made since.

I no longer have agonising troubles with breathing. I no longer have the same sugar cravings that I once did. I’m no longer too shy to approach strangers in public places like the gym and meeting new people. And finally I’m no longer the kind of @KhaleejiGirl that feels unworthy of things such as respecting myself enough to treat myself in wearing clothing that makes me both feel and look attractive and worthy.

I never knew you could get all of that just from the gym.

The next time you rethink about renewing your gym membership, think about any of these benefits but more specifically think about the benefit of gaining your confidence by meeting new people. Working out while meeting more people from your own niche can also strengthen your social network skills by taking pictures or videos then posting them to your social network feed. Meeting people who are within the same business as you at a place where many of your inhibitions are down (you’re covered in sweat for crying out loud) makes these relations more casual and honest. Long-lasting, trustworthy, and pure allowing the other to be themselves and fostering authentic relations with others allowing them to come back for more.

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