The Internal & External Wellbeing of Her

Beauty is a great blessing from God to women. Beauty is divided into two parts: Internal & external; the internal beauty is the beauty of the soul, while the external is the beauty of the face & body.

What I have noticed mostly in the Gulf region is that many @KhaleejiGirls spend a lot of money on perfume, clothes, cosmetic and other materials. But, when it comes to the beauty of the body I’ve found them neglecting this very important part. Eating a balanced diet, not smoking, exercising and managing stress is all you need to keep healthy and fit. Eating quality food like fruits, vegetables and drinking a lot of water will surely reflect on the beauty of your face and body.

On the other side: Yoga is the exercise of the soul that improves your flexibility, it builds muscle strength, perfects your posture, increases your blood flow, makes you happier, gives you peace of mind, inner strength, and many more benefits that any KhaleejiGirl would love to do.

But why not to try something other than the workout routine that you do on a daily basis?

There are many fitness trends out there that make you burn calories and are fun at the same time! Having a perfect nutritious and good fitness workout plan will have a positive outcome on your external & internal beauty as a whole.

Many women are busy with their days i.e. studying, or with the house chores, or their children, husband, work, etc.. and there is “definitely” no time for herself. It’s the right for every woman to have her ME TIME– This has to be added in your busy schedule my dear lady. YES! we need time to rest, relax, reenergize and restore to rise up again with more energy and enthusiasm. when we don’t take enough time to nurture ourselves and indulge personal interests, then it’s very hard to keep up with our entire wellbeing.

Let’s end this by stating that your internal and external self-care will undoubtedly make you a happier and better person. It will likewise improve your daily performance.

My dear lady prioritize yourself as its good for you!

By Noora Al Muhanna

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