The Inner Child in You

Follow your passions. Three simple words that can carry the biggest weight on your shoulders. Words so heavy that you may have started preparing to live them out loud ever since they entered your mind when you first thought of them at such a young age. You wrote down different occupations you could see yourself working in and nothing held you back. From professional ballerina, to the next human rights lawyer, the first Arab actress in Hollywood to the ultimate Khaleeji model to rock the runway and more, the sky was the limit! No, at such a young age, even the sky had no limit when it came to your dreams. You thought you could be the next “insert dream occupation here at the age of 10 or below here” and you were so excited to tell everyone about it! So you started to tell your friends and members of your family but you were shocked when it came to the types of responses you received.


“Are you crazy?” said one of your friends.

“Yeah okay keep dreaming.” A cousin mentioned in a mocking way.

What about the all-time “keep dreaming” with a pat on your shoulder from your parents?


Hearing such negativity for so long can without a doubt bring down a young @KhaleejiGirl’s confidence. So part of you may have unknowingly grew out of those dreams and you slowly stopped imagining yourself wearing that adorable pink tutu or being the one who fought for the rights of those who couldn’t speak on behalf of themselves or many other dream jobs you imagined yourself doing.

So now you could be a @KhaleejiGirl who’s just starting her career but she found herself going to a job day in and out doing something she simply feels miserable about.

There’s no passion.

There’s no love for the job.

There’s no happiness within you.


And you’ve had enough.

Miserable Job

Rest assure, there is a way out.

You simply need to develop emotional intelligence which Oxford dictionary defines as, “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express your emotions and to handle interpersonal relations judiciously and empathetically.” In fact, it is the key to both your personal and professional success. 

Emotional intelligence requires one to manage and identify their own emotions and the emotions of others. It also requires what Forbes Magazine views as:

The ability to control one’s emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving.

The ability to manage emotions and cheering or calming down other people.

emotional intellegence


This means you won’t allow anyone else’s opinion get in the way of something you feel proud of doing. Which also means you won’t find yourself comparing yourself to others. Why? Because you’re more than enough when you’re living your own life, not the life of others.


If you’re emotionally intelligent you are able to forgive quickly but you won’t forget what the problem was in the first place. You’re able to be friends with the person who did you wrong but you’ll be more cautious about your limits with this person so they won’t hurt you again. Through such caution you’re setting yourself up to live with wisdom; you’ll know when to throw the punches. You’ll realize what fights are worth fighting for and which ones aren’t (a very important trait to have especially in our region of the world).

If you are able to collect some of the traits of an emotionally intelligent person, you’ll slowly find yourself out of the job that made you hate your life and into a job that makes you excited for another day. You’ll be able to have more control and live the life you’ve always wanted ever since you were a young child with those very attainable dreams.

Rachel Green Tries to Get a Job


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