Globalisation Meets Depression

One of the perks of globalisation is having all of the advancements of the world but it does not come without the price of depression.

Globalisation has helped make this illness more common because of how the social dynamics have changed in society. With the touch of technology at one’s fingertips, Bahraini families have become less of a unit that acts together when compared to the way they acted 10 years ago. According to clinical and educational psychologist of Busaitain Al Dana Consultation Center, Dr. Bana Buzboon, the shift in family dynamics leads to “more pressure on the nuclear family or the individual,” which could lead to more pressure on the social life of a person as well. “This becomes especially dangerous because social lives affect psychological lives and vice versa,” Buzaboon claims; when a person is depressed and is affected by a social issue, the situation may affect their psychological wellbeing.

Yet globalization is not the only culprit that leads towards depression. In fact, this disease is also based on a person’s hormonal imbalance, Buzaboon explains. It then becomes difficult for others to maintain their normal lives because of how, “social lives affect psychological lives and vice versa” hence the importance of seeking help.

Bahrainis are able to seek help when it seems as though something isn’t right with their mentality; when someone claims how they’re, “so depressed,” be it because of something they feel now or because of a natural state of depression, people are still able to receive either one of the two treatments in Bahrain: the treatment that is medical or the cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) treatment.

The medical treatment involves going to a psychologist who is able to prescribe the patient anti-depressants based on studies conducted after blood tests are taken. Whereas, CBT involves learning to change the patient’s approach while depressed, in order to have more control of their lives along with having a higher self-esteem.

“People used to feel depressed and there was no clinic to go to,” Buzbooon says. But now because it is more of a norm to go to a psychologist who is able to prescribe medication such as anti-depressants after the right blood tests are done.

Yet, there are other options one is able to salvage as well and do not involve seeking medical attention. Buzboon recommends indulging in dark chocolate because of the significant percentage of cocoa in it, or walking one hour a day to release endorphins.

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