You’re More Than You Think You Are

And though there is nothing wrong with remembering how attractive you are, I think it’s important to remember you’re way more than just your looks.

You’re more than just the clothes and the kind of makeup you choose to wear.

You’re more than what the number on the scale says.

You’re more than your bank account.

You’re more than that new car you’re in love with.

What you are however is your education, be it from a private or public school system, and the ongoing intelligent thoughts that are going on inside your wonderful mind.

Yet, throughout recent years there seems to have been a shift between using a strong and smart woman’s brilliant mind to replace it with matter that should not be as important to her. Why would one do that? Why would a @Khaleejigirl waste her years of studious learning to end up focusing on something she may not even be skilled in?

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the aforementioned things like makeup and fashion. What is wrong is assuming that you’re going to automatically be good in these fields when no, you did not in fact, “wake up this way”.

It took years of hard work and dedicated studying in whatever industry before any @khaleeejigirl got to where she is now. She did not just wake up and scribble a few sketches on a piece of paper then called herself a fashion designer. And though you use different elements, the same concept is true with makeup artists like Iraqi native Huda Kattan as well.


As the founder and owner of @HudaBeauty it is one of the fastest selling beauty brands in the Middle East. However, Kattan along with many other successful women like her worked hard to get to this point of success. The career of @HudaBeauty started with articles about helpful make up and DIY (do it yourself) tips and sending them to her friends where they then sent them to other friends and more. This grew in popularity until one day one of Kattan’s friends recommended starting a blog to share her invaluable tips and the rest is history.

Huda Beauty

But the point is, it took Huda Kattan a significant period of time to gain success and with many businesses once they are fully formed, the business owner isn’t sad over the amount of time it took for them to get this far. You learn so much throughout the journey and you grow as well as opposed to just waking up one day and deciding to snap your fingers and expect miracles to occur.

You’re smarter than just expecting life’s victories to happen to you without putting in hard work @Khaleejigirl. You’re beautiful, bold, and brilliant. Whatever direction you choose to forge a career in you can do with just a little harder work.

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