Homage to Spice Girl

For those of you @KhaleejiGirls who remember these women, you’re probably smiling right now. The five girls created an all time, never able to forget, love until this day girl band. Why am I writing this article as if I’m in love? Well how can one not be in love with the band that encouraged every little girl to abide by certain girl codes such as the following:


  • If you wanna be my lover (you gotta get with my friends)
  • Stop right now thank you very much (I need somebody with a human touch)
  • Who do you think you are?


If you’ll notice, all of these songs have a message behind them. The message could be to stand up for yourself such as the case of Who Do You Think You Are? Or, it could be the importance of choosing your friends over men like with the song Wannabe.


The Spice Girls, a band which contains five female British singers, emerged in 1994.  Their popularity grew two years later where the aforementioned songs were featured in an album, which featured their debut, Wannabe, in 1996. Regardless of whether a person enjoys their music or not (but let’s face it you know you do), the one thing that resonated with many of us is what this all girl band stood for: Girl Power.


Every time any of the girls were out on the red carpet, at least one of them, most of the time it was Geri, would strike a peace sign in the form of a pose and exclaim Girl Power.  Demonstrating that being supportive of your girlfriends should be high on any girl’s agenda. Demonstrating that there was nothing more important than standing by your friends and standing by their side through everything.


As time went on, many of us grew up, and the band fizzled out. Although both factors are not related to the other the importance of girl power no longer held a sense of importance as it once did. While many breakout female artists came out during this time, none of them held the same stature that the Spice Girls did.


More importantly, the message of these artists never seemed to be tailored exclusively to Girl Power.


Until now.


Que Fifth Harmony- a band, similar to Spice Girls, is comprised of 4 (formerly 5) young women who sing encouraging songs to an all-female audience. Their songs encourage and motivate girls to be confident in themselves and to be who they are. Their songs also encourage others to be their own boss where they don’t take no as an answer from anyone.

Although it is not exclusively limited to Girl Power, Fifth Harmony has a message that is pretty close. It’s about time too.


But more importantly, both Fifth Harmony and Spice Girls have always reminded us about the importance of sticking up for yourself and not accepting anything less than what you deserve. However, it’s always easier to do this with a good group of friends by your side.

All in all, I would like to explain how much I am a fan of these bands. This is not because their music is simply divine which it is. It is however  to articulate how these bands somehow saw the importance of female empowerment within their own respective groups and they made it a mission to share that message to the rest of the world acting as a positive message to girls of all ages around the world.


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