On Becoming an Independent Woman

The term “independent woman” has been populated throughout the society in recent times. Due to its widespread usage throughout popular culture, it has tended to mean different things to different people. However, whatever definition you or anyone deems fit to identify with, we find these definitions a variation of the one subtly put together in the Urban Dictionary.

“A woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and does not allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence. She supports herself entirely on her own and is proud to be able to do so.”

Life is challenging, especially if you’re a young woman. A young woman looking to build a career, manage her finances, maintain healthy relationships and lifestyle is becoming an “independent woman”. It means you have to take responsibility for the things that affect you. Independence in this sense entails taking responsibility for one’s happiness.


Below are some of the responsibility you have to accept on your journey to self-dependency.


  • Get educated:

If there is a single disservice you can do to hinder your quest on becoming an independent woman, it is to remain uneducated. The importance of obtaining a degree or skill that will empower you to obtain a career doing something you enjoy and making enough money to support yourself cannot be overstressed. Having an education (doesn’t have to be formal) is the most important ingredient required to building an independent life.



  • Build your career:

Apply for positions in the field of your choosing that make you happy. Societal norms shouldn’t influence your decision on which career path to take. If you’re fascinated by music, by all means, go for it. The bottom line is that nobody makes such an important decision for you. Be a model. Be polished and professional in the workplace, and be conscious of the need to set a good example for others to follow – men and women alike.


  • Manage your finances:

Earn your own income, manage your own bank account and credit facilities, and own your own property. Be responsible financially. Know when to set boundaries on your spending and be woman enough to stick to your monthly budget. Develop habits to help you attain a good financial background to qualify you for loans at a decent rate.



  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

If you want to be an independent woman, you have to be accountable for the decisions you make regarding your health. Live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Maintaining physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is necessary if you are ever going to excel at the other responsibilities you must shoulder to become an independent woman.



  • Contribute your quota to society:

There are many ways you can give back to society. It could be financially, or maybe teaching other women to be independent. Taking on a responsibility like this helps keep you on track. It is a good way to remain yourself of where you’re coming from and what lies ahead.

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