4 Things that Should be in Every Khaleejigirl’s Closet

Many young professional women are in the same boat: We’re in our early 20s, starting fresh careers with well let’s just call them “interesting” paychecks which contradict our big aspirations and dreams we’ve been yearning for since that first job interview. And while the monetary amount you’ve always wished and hoped for will come some day @KhaleejiGirl, hopefully soon, meanwhile you need to look the part. No, not the part of someone yearning and wanting more than ever to be rich but more of the part that looks like a presentable professional woman.

Since you would be on a stricter budget during your 20s, it would be a wise investment to invest in a few statement pieces that could complete your outfit and make you look like a million (insert GCC currency of your choice.)

There are a few classic pieces that will last over time if you take care of them—especially because they are classic pieces and not necessarily the latest trend of the month.

  1. A Watch

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 3.52.30 PM

A nice watch shows you’re prompt and efficient because you always have the time on you so there’s no reason to be late to anything be it work or hanging out with your bff @KhaleejiGirl.

Also, investing in a watch that can last you for more than two days shows you’re dependable and you’re not one who changes their mind too much. Even if you have more than one watch that you alter based on your outfit, it still demonstrates you as someone who is dependable since you don’t change your style of watches too much.

A nice watch also demonstrates elegance and poise. Also, even if you’re really used to checking the time on your phone, a nice watch can complete an outfit and/or make you seem more mature—a woman who has a sense of direction who doesn’t have time to waste on unimportant matters whatever they may be to you.

2. Statement Necklace

A statement necklace will draw you from the crowd that’s filled with women who may not be wearing any necklaces at all. A statement necklace cScreen Shot 2017-05-27 at 4.02.27 PMan really make your outfit, and can be that one piece that people remember you by. It’ll “make” the simplest outfit standout in a crowd and turn you into the @KhaleejiGirl all your coworkers come up to compliment your outfit.

Just make sure to not go overboard with the kind of statement necklace you choose. Remember, you want to make a positive impression and contribute a great image about yourself.

After all @KhaleejiGirl you’re a woman who’s all about style and professionalism 😉

3. Bold CoatScreen Shot 2017-05-27 at 4.06.49 PM

Let’s face it: You’ll wear a cute outfit, but if you add a coat to it when it’s cold outside, it will cover up the outfit right? But I’ve learned if you have a cute coat, it makes the outfit and it can be your winter look that demonstrates elegance! And what’s even better is these days you can still get away with wearing a light coat to complement your outfit even in the summer!

4. The Perfect Pair of Heels

This is the final and most important component that needs to be in every @KhaleejiGirl closet. I’m a firm believer of the importance of heels. Why? It’s because every @KhaleejiGirl should be able to have comfortable yet sexy yet stylish yet flattering heels. It’s because you need to have something that makes you feel like a million bucks witScreen Shot 2017-05-27 at 4.01.00 PMhout spending $$$$$$$$$. With every step you take you should have the confidence that you can do whatever you want. This is why women love shoes—no really it has to be, just ask Carrie Bradshaw.

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