A Society Empowered by Women By Noorah Muhanna

A woman is an essential component of society that has her rights and duties. Her rights preserve her dignity and her existence as a human being while her duties are those that are towards both the nation and society. More specifically, a woman’s duties are related to the formation of generations and responsibilities of building the family unit to raise the community, “so-called” awareness of the mind and thoughts of the nation.

But does the role of a woman only make sense in this aspect, or does her role go beyond that to include the existence of the nation as a whole, and all aspects of concerns be it political, social, religious, economic, etc.?

Her roles and responsibilities are greater than just being focused on the family. With the latter acting like a solid brick while the woman also acts as an important and powerful foundation in the social construction working as a foundation for the future.

What is needed today is for women to exercise all their powers and abilities in order to build a sociocultural stance through which they can reach the space of human empathy. Yes, there are many difficulties and obstacles, and there are many caveats and social norms that stand in the way of women, regardless of the validity of those customs or not. However, it is certain that we are speaking within what the legal disciplines has commanded us to do.

Women today have their own institutions, centers and gatherings, and in these events there are conferences, lectures, seminars and discussions on women’s affairs and the affairs of the nation in general which is part of the community engagements, such activities spread awareness about the women empowerment in the society in various areas. Today, we see women in every field of work; engineering, doctors, lawyers, aviation and many more. We reached a level where the society is empowered by women in every field.

She is an Arabian woman, a KhaleejiGirl and most of all a Bahraini woman who is a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, or aunt. She is the society! Empowering her means empowering the society and the upcoming generations.


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