It’s been a Second

It’s been a second or maybe two since I’ve done this. Actually, it’s taken a much longer time than that. I’ve spent many nights twisting and turning in bed with one thought on my mind. To blog or not to blog. It may seem silly to pose such a question for a number of months when everything is made available for me to post. I know how to create websites, I know how to use the plugins, I like to think I have creative ideas for different kinds of articles, and more. But to me, for ever since I can remember, words have meant the world to me. My first love was the love of reading which opened me up to a whole new world of more than just adventures of Disney’s Jasmine and Aladin. My writing was there for me during a time when I may not have been able to verbally articulate my thoughts to others and help them see my point of view for whatever reason. It was there for me when I lost my voice on several occasions, both literally and spiritually.  But, to blog or not to blog still remained to be the main question for the longest time ever which doesn’t make any sense since I have been published in newspapers and magazines before. So why was I timid to show the cyber world what I was made of? Was it because I would be at my purest and most vulnerable stage with no editor to look over my writing? Perhaps it was to correct a misspelled word I may have overlooked or not, something continued to hold me back. But if you ask me now, I’m honestly tired of being afraid. I’m tired of stopping myself from expressing my love towards writing and the joy it brings me. So cyber world, let’s do this!

One thought on “It’s been a Second

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  1. This is really amazing 😭❤️When you’ve decided to do what you want more than you’re afraid from it and I think this fear is a good approach for your growth ❤️ Don’t let your fear of what you could achieve make nothing achievable 💕😍best of luck darling


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