Love in the time of Hurricane Harvey

Turn on any news channel over the last week and one story dominates them all. Harvey, Houston, “Epic”, Curfew, Trump etc. are just some of the words used over and over again and for a storm of the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey, the continuous news reports are not only warranted by needed. A couple of … Continue reading Love in the time of Hurricane Harvey

Social Media Empowers Us

There’s been much debate about the role social media has. Opinions vary from social media being great, to being unnecessary, and even awful. But it’s times like these when social media does something great, particularly for women. Earlier during summer 2017, Twitter created a video with a specific hashtag, #SheInspiresMe, to empower women. This notion … Continue reading Social Media Empowers Us

“What if” Jitters

You’ve recently graduated from high school and you may have received your college acceptance letters already. If so, congratulations @KhaleejiGirl! Or maybe you haven’t received them yet.  Regardless, the anxiety is palpable and it’s looming over you. You can’t sleep at night pondering all of the “what if” scenarios through your mind. “Have I made … Continue reading “What if” Jitters

Is it that time when you think you need to change your style?

Is it time to shift from wearing young girl like clothing to wearing elegant pieces that reflect the sophisticated lady you are? A woman's clothing can reflect so much of her personality and character. Clothing can easily demonstrate whether you're a woman worth knowing due to her classiness and elegance or if you're just like … Continue reading Is it that time when you think you need to change your style?

Let’s Talk About Sex, Maybe

With the recent suicide of lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, many media outlets wrote articles breaking the news of his untimely death. But one article stood out to me the most as it led to a train of thoughts about a typical @Khaleejigirl facing what Bennington faced throughout his life. Sexual abuse. The … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex, Maybe

Simple Ways to Keep Your Fruits and Veggies Fresh

Do you ever go grocery shopping and sometimes regret the choices you make especially when it comes to fruit? Do you feel guilty after buying a large quantity of fruits and veggies only to find them lingering in your fridge after you forget about them for such a long time? Well, you can stаrt ѕаvіng … Continue reading Simple Ways to Keep Your Fruits and Veggies Fresh

Globalisation Meets Depression

One of the perks of globalisation is having all of the advancements of the world but it does not come without the price of depression. Globalisation has helped make this illness more common because of how the social dynamics have changed in society. With the touch of technology at one’s fingertips, Bahraini families have become … Continue reading Globalisation Meets Depression

You’re More Than You Think You Are

And though there is nothing wrong with remembering how attractive you are, I think it's important to remember you're way more than just your looks. You're more than just the clothes and the kind of makeup you choose to wear. You're more than what the number on the scale says. You're more than your bank … Continue reading You’re More Than You Think You Are

On Becoming an Independent Woman

The term “independent woman” has been populated throughout the society in recent times. Due to its widespread usage throughout popular culture, it has tended to mean different things to different people. However, whatever definition you or anyone deems fit to identify with, we find these definitions a variation of the one subtly put together in … Continue reading On Becoming an Independent Woman

Ever feel like you’ve lost your confidence?

Dear every @KhaleejiGirl, We all have those moments of self-doubt. Whether these moments happen in increments of short #moments or years, it's very normal for them to occur. However that doesn't mean that your #life is over. Especially when you have one of the most #popular #influences in the female world to push and motivate … Continue reading Ever feel like you’ve lost your confidence?

But First… Let me NOT Take a Selfie

It has become more of a commonality than a trend for people to stop whatever it is they’re doing in their lives for a moment to take a #selfie.  More often than not there’s usually no purpose behind it- no historical building behind them, no beautiful landscape, and no special reason to take a picture … Continue reading But First… Let me NOT Take a Selfie